About Us

During a survival expedition in 2015, I learned that you should never pack anything unless it serves more than one purpose. Years later, my family and I have transformed that sound advice into a line of functional, modern products. Our goal? To make life easier, and more stylish, with good design.

At first glance, Functional Threads is a tie and pen company—but it’s so much more than that. Our family business creates beautifully designed essentials for daily life. Our sleek ties and pens double, triple, and quadruple up on functionality. Our fabrics add pops of color and fun style sense to liven up any wardrobe. Everything we make is versatile enough to fit any lifestyle.

The beginning

 As a family, we noticed that a need for functional tools came into play in every part of our lives: work, home, school, and even leisure. We’re all creators and innovators in our own ways, including my two sons and two daughters, all of whom possess unique skills that they bring to the table. The consensus among us is that whether you’re more organized (like my wonderful wife Angela) or more sporadic (like yours truly), your life can be made easier and more enjoyable with the right tools and accessories.

The products

During many family discussions and lost pieces of paper, an idea for a functional necktie was born: one that could hold to-do lists, memos, and small items, preventing me from losing them. After two years of developing a prototype and finding manufacturing resources that met our rigorous standards, we innovated a tie we are extremely proud of.

In a similar way, our incredible pens came to be, filling a void where increased utility was needed. Now our brand is supported by a wonderful team that understands the necessity of functionality in daily life.

The future

As our brand grows, our entire family has become more involved in the process of creating, marketing, and celebrating our wonderful products. Our boys, Carson and Lincoln, are master salesmen in the making, and they enjoy discussing the benefits of our products at trade shows.

Our daughter Kaylee has a great eye for photography and has taken to snapping product photos. We’re excited to see the brand evolve and to share these special products with you.

We’re committed to creating products that reduce stress, save time, and look sharp. Are you ready to revolutionize the way you live?


From our family to yours,

Steve and Ang

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